RelativityOne is Relativity’s fastest, most up to date, most secure, and most user-friendly Litigation Review Platform available.  

RelativityONE provides a powerful, end to end solution for Cloud Collection, Data Processing, Advanced Analytics, Active Learning and Review, in one easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

Built on Microsoft Azure, RelativityOne can be accessed from anywhere and can also be Hosted from a growing number of Data Centres across the Globe without the need to change your Relativity Service provider.

Built to Keep Your Data Safe

Altlaw partners with industry-leading technologies which enable us to process and host huge volumes of data. Our clients have access to THE industry-leading litigation platforms.

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  • ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliance
  • Built on Microsoft Azure for the most comprehensive compliance coverage
  • Proactive threat intelligence, hunting, and investigations
  • Relentless investment in security processes and technology
  • Commitment to helping strengthen security practices across industries
  • Constant security innovations and updates so you’re always on the most secure version


Nuix eDiscovery solutions provide law firms and legal teams with the power, flexibility and speed they need to address the complexity and challenges of today’s eDiscovery.

From early case assessment and investigation to document review and trial preparation, Nuix delivers a unique visual approach that lets legal teams and litigation support master the details of any legal matter.

All supported by Altlaw’s world-class project and technical support.

Our technology partners

Altlaw Nuix
Altlaw Relativity


Information as an asset
Electronically Stored Information is a crucial litigation and investigation asset. Our expertise, combined with leading-edge technology, allows us to identify and manage data throughout the litigation life cycle.

Forensic Data Collection
Once Electronically Stored Data is identified and located, it must be extracted in a way which preserves its forensically-defensible integrity, including all Metadata. This can identify the author and time of creation along with its edit history. Inadvertently spoiling the potential evidence trail is an easy problem to create; however our world-wide deployable experts have the experience and knowledge to advise on, and recover data intact for disclosure in litigation, compliance and other investigations, backed up with full Chain of Custody and a defensible expert witness statement.

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