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Your solution to Subject Access Requests

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What is a (Data) Subject Access Request?

A DSAR, or Data Subject Access Request, is a request made to an organisation/company (data controller) by an individual (data subject) for any and all data the controller holds on the subject. 

Anybody can submit a DSAR and the data controller legally has one calendar month to respond to the request, barring any extenuating circumstances. 
Due to the restricted timeframe organisations are given to process a DSAR, along with the fact that a request can be submitted to any member of your team, at any time and in any format, DSARs can be one of the trickier aspects of eDiscovery. 
Luckily, the process of completing a DSAR is very similar to that of completing a standard eDiscovery project, with more of a focus on the review for redaction, and fewer constraints on the presentation of the data. This means that an experienced eDiscovery service provider like Altlaw will have no difficulty in modifying workflows to suit a Subject Access Request matter. 






Save time and money on DSARs with RelativityOne

When facing a DSAR, one of the main challenges is in following a thorough process that limits the cost to your company whilst also allowing you to to meet all of the ICO’s requirements within the given timeframe. 

This is no mean feat, and often requires access to technology beyond the scope of the standard internal legal department. This is where the Altlaw team, equipped with the RelativityOne platform, can help. 

The main cost driver of any DSAR process is the number of human hours needed to complete the project. By reducing these human hours, you can significantly reduce the costs of your project, and we’ve found RelativityOne to be at least 25% faster (if not 50%+) than the next-best software on the market. 
By working with the eDiscovery experts at Altlaw, you’ll have access to advanced, industry-leading tools to simplify and speed up the DSAR process, including Relativity’s auto-redact tool. 
Your Altlaw project manager can also help you to build lists of commonly occurring names, words and phrases and complete a bulk action to redact them, removing the manual burden from your team and saving you money. 

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One of the pillars of the legal industry, eDiscovery encompasses a number of different data disciplines. From document review through to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), find out how eDiscovery can help you.


As a comprehensive eDiscovery software, RelativityOne provides a powerful, end-to-end solution for cloud collection, data processing, advanced analytics, active learning and review, in one easy-to-use, intuitive platform. 

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Empower your legal team to focus on their high-value casework by expertly managing the process of first pass document review for litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance matters.


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