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What is the RelativityOne redact tool?

| Written by Altlaw

As the volume of data in cases worldwide increases, so does the risk of personally identifiable information (PII) slipping through a reviewer's net.

In this blog post, we'll explore what a redaction is and Relativity's Redact tool, which reviewers can leverage to ensure thorough and accurate redaction and accelerate manual redaction processes.

What's a redaction?

To redact is to blank out sensitive information in a document before it is disclosed. Redactions are often used in legal proceedings to show crucial documents to a jury as evidence, without compromising the PII or privilege of a client.

Redactions hide confidential data so you can still present the necessary data to support a case. Redactions can also highlight impactful areas of a document by removing a bulk of information that isn’t pertinent to a case.

In simple terms, redactions allow legal professionals to use documents which contain sensitive information as evidence.


Introducing RelativityRedact — the RelativityOne Redact tool

With RelativityOne's Redact tool, you can apply markups to imaged documents, spreadsheets and PDF files manually or automatically. You determine how to implement markups by assigning which words or terms should receive markups.

With the option to easily automate redactions, you'll reduce the chance of human error and the risks that come with it. 


Users can apply redactions to a document by opening it in the Image Viewer. You can choose from several redaction options, influencing how your redaction will appear on the page. These options are black or white text — which allows your markup to contain custom text — and cross, which is a blank box with a cross through it.

You can also change the visibility of your markups, enabling you to review their accuracy without moving them around or deleting them.

Redactions save by default as they're applied, so there's no need to worry about losing progress as you work. 

You can also highlight an area of information by creating an inverse redaction. Inverse redactions create a black redaction across the entire page apart from the location you've highlighted. It's a great way to redact significant portions of sensitive information or highlight impactful data to your case.

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Why choose RelativityOne for your redactions?

There's a rising volume of data and documents involved in the average case. With that comes a growing need to manage this information promptly and effectively, especially regarding redactions.

Relativity's AutoRedact tool allows you to apply redactions to large batches of documents during review by setting parameters such as specific predefined words and phrases. The automated process can also be applied to predetermined information such as dates or email addresses.

The tool also allows Excel documents to be redacted in their native format and redactions can be applied to identical spreadsheets automatically.

Once automatic redactions have been applied, the tool presents a list of automatically redacted documents for you to approve, amend or reject, one at a time.

What's the benefit of applying redactions this way? You'll be able to get through large volumes of redactions more efficiently and leverage automation to significantly reduce the risk of human error. You'll be removing the need for manual copying and pasting, which can be time-consuming and lead to inaccuracies.

Plus, by opting for Relativity over alternatives such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat, your Redact tool will seamlessly integrate with other document review processes. Housing your review tools under one roof will empower your team to work more efficiently, with all reviewers operating from a single source of truth.

Redact is an essential tool for legal professionals dealing with sensitive documents. It'll help ensure documents remain secure while allowing necessary details to be seen and considered during court proceedings or review processes.


Leverage the full power of RelativityOne with Altlaw

If you're looking for a more efficient way to deal with high volumes of redactions in your review process, we can help.

In the hands of an Altlaw expert, RelativityOne empowers litigation professionals to handle data effectively. If you want to take your data further, saving time and money, partner with Altlaw to boost your eDiscovery offering.

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