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Why the need for Automated Redaction is becoming increasingly urgent

| Written by Altlaw

More documents, more redactions, less time – sound familiar?

Now more than ever, lawfully safeguarding personal information during eDiscovery, investigations, and data requests is vital. 

As rising volumes of data and documents per case are compounded by booming DSARs and other data requests, it has become evidently clear thatwe need to find a more effective way of doing things. 

One that allows redactions to be applied to large batches of data without significant hours of labour required. And that improves efficiency, without sacrificing the ability to adhere to important data regulations.

Addressing the growing problems around redactions

There is a serious need to use technology to address these growing imbalances, before we run the risk of review dynamics spiralling out of control.

At Altlaw, we combine the power of the high-end software tools in our arsenal with our years of experience to provide a solution that is both streamlined, and tailorable to the situation at hand.

One such tool is RelativityRedact.

By using this tool, we enable our clients and partners to apply redactions to large batches of documents during the review process, in a way that is customised to suit their exact needs, and keeps their operations safe from breaching any data privacy regulations.

Introducing RelativityRedact

RelativityRedact allows for structured and automated redaction of documents. 

With RelativityRedact, redactions can be applied as part of a manual process, an automated process applied to all instances of predefined words or phrases, or an automated process applied to all instances of other predetermined information such as dates, email addresses, national insurance numbers etc.

RelativityRedact also allows excel documents to be redacted in native format. Plus, redactions of excel documents can be automatically applied to identical spreadsheets. 

Once redactions have been applied, RelativityRedact presents your review team with a list of automatically redacted documents for them to approve, reject or amend one at a time.

The result is a redaction method that is safe, efficient and defensible. Allowing you to get through mountains of redactions without the need for significant working hours and costs to your business.

Want help dealing with high volumes of redactions in your review process? Get in touch with one of the team at Altlaw to learn how we can support you, and for more information on Relativity - take a look at our dedicated Relativity page!