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The RelativityOne eDiscovery Platform

Experience the power of RelativityOne with Altlaw. 

What is RelativityOne?

RelativityOne is Relativity's fastest, most powerful, most secure and most up-to-date platform for handling unstructured data. 

RelativityOne empowers legal professionals to store and control millions of documents across limitless devices and jurisdictions from one single, easy-to-use interface. 

Overall, it helps legal professionals to handle data more effectively. That means smarter and faster leveraging of ESI (electronically stored information), for smarter and faster decision-making. 

Whether it’s used for litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation, the power of RelativityOne’s cloud-driven capabilities can unlock improved productivity, increased efficiency, and greater value for your business.


“I regularly use Altlaw and their services to the point where they are my first choice eDiscovery providers for both civil and criminal matters. The experience, friendliness and expertise of their staff are second to none and they make the entire technical process easy to understand for a layman like myself."

Take your data further with advanced analytics

With advanced analytics, processing, reviewing and indexing documents becomes simple.

To summarise, the benefits of advanced analytics enables the most expensive eyes in your project team to access all the relevant information they need in as little time as possible.

The onboard analytics in RelativityOne not only allow you to quickly interpret vast volumes of complex information across varying formats in a quick and easy-to-understand snapshot, but they also allow you to interrogate that data – to interact with it, and dig deeper to find real actionable insights and identify relationships between corresponding pieces of information.

RelativityOne’s analytics capabilities effectively equip your team with the knowledge to help make them faster, better and more effective decisions.

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One of the pillars of the legal industry, eDiscovery encompasses a number of different data disciplines. From document review through to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), find out how eDiscovery can help you.

Data Subject Access Requests

We deliver on all budget and ICO time constraints by utilising the latest technologies to host, review and redact your data.

Reliable document review

We allow your legal team to focus on their high-value casework by expertly managing the process of first pass document review for litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance matters.


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