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What's new in Relativity: Updates you should be looking out for

| Written by Altlaw

A few weeks post-Relativity Fest and the legal world is still buzzing with the latest announcements and updates coming to the industry-leading eDiscovery platform. Two of our team were lucky enough to attend this year and they, like the rest of the industry, cannot wait to get their hands on the myriad of updates and tools soon to be available on the platform.

As with all of our blog content, we aim to educate and inspire. As such, we have collated a list of the upcoming Relativity updates and tools that we are most excited about...

Bulk data transfers in ReltivityOne

As eDiscovery professionals, we deal with huge quantities of data on a daily basis. Transferring this data quickly, efficiently and most importantly, securely is a challenge we all face, and is one that creates a significant speedbump in the otherwise (relatively) smooth roads of our eDiscovery processes. 

Luckily, RelativityOne's new import/export feature is here to make these troubles a thing of the past. The drag-and-drop functionality of the new Relativity import/export tool makes it possible for all users, not just the experienced ones, to safely transfer data into and out of the platform. Not to mention the entire tool is web-based meaning no clunky desktop experiences! 

The express transfer capabilities also ensure all data transfers are orchestrated to enable maximum transfer speed. In lab testing environments this capability has been seen to increase the speed of data transfer to up to 4 times the standard for bulk data. We can imagine the time-saving benefits this will bring to both users of the platform and the clients they serve. 

Sentiment analysis

The introduction of AI-based sentiment analysis to the platform is something we are truly excited about, and not just because we love AI and its impact on the legal landscape!

This latest development in eDiscovery looks to have all the makings of a game-changing one, allowing reviewers to search over documents based on positive or negative sentiments and on emotions such as anger or desire. This will have a profound impact on the way we search and categorise data, and for matters such as DSARs, where sentiment is at the forefront of the examination, we believe this tool will prove very beneficial.   

An additional benefit of this new tool is that the RelativityOne Platform will highlight the areas in the document that have led to its classification, allowing reviewers to immediately locate the areas of text responsible for the negative or positive sentiment rating. This can massively speed up the reviewer's review process, as the important areas of a document will be much easier to locate.  

TextIQ for PII

Another new development launching in 2023 is RelativityOne's TextIQ for PII. Combined with the Relativity redact function this is another tool in which AI is playing a crucial role. Using artificial intelligence to locate potential Personally Identifiable Information and the redact tool to then redact the information found, this tool could be game-changing for the Freedom of Information community!  

Very little has been said about this tool as of yet, as it is still in development, but as soon as we know more we shall let you know.

Quality of life enhancements

One of the aspects of Relativity Fest we were most pleased by was the way Relativity listens to its customers and strives to make the user experience as pleasant as possible for those in regular contact with the platform, whatever capacity that may be in. Relativity announcing a whole host of upgrades specifically targeting the everyday use of the platform just goes to show how valued each user is, and as both users and providers, we can't wait to watch our clients benefit from these updates. 

Some of our favourite enhancements are as follows... 

  • Family-based reviewing options
  • Non-predicted documents handling 
  • Export metrics to CSV/XLS
  • Sophisticated duplicate suppression

There are of course many more updates to the platform coming in the following months all of which can be viewed in the keynote address which you can access here, and we hope this article has piqued your interest in the latest and treated in eDiscovery.

Learn more about RelativityOne's analytics tools:

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