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Should you really buy cheap?

| Written by Altlaw

Should you really buy cheap?

I am just going to come out and say it. Altlaw are not the cheapest eDiscovery Service Provider out there. We don’t try to be.

There are many things we know about how customers make their buying decisions, but one thing we are absolutely certain of is that no one buys anything based solely on whether it is the cheapest. There are always other considerations, particularly when there is risk involved, as is always the case in litigation and with technology.

I have lost count of the times that customers call us to ‘price check’ their current supplier, and if they are calling us, they’re probably calling others too! The incumbent supplier will then be told X company have quoted this, can you match it? We get it all the time. Most times we have to refuse and explain that the price we quoted wasn’t the start of a negotiation. It is a fair price for the service we provide. And most times, the customer still places the project with us or whoever the trusted incumbent supplier is – they almost NEVER choose the cheap option.

But, when you’re not the cheapest, you do need to show value. What have we got that our competitors haven’t? What are the risks in going with a cheap supplier?

We live in a consumer era, and the legal industry is no different!

You want speed. You want attention. You want service. You want to feel valued and you want to know that your project is important!

From the time it takes to answer the phone, the speed of the website; can you get prices from the website? The speed of providing a specific Cost Estimate; The speed of data collection, processing, Project Management response, the speed of the platform, and the speed of review. Even getting an invoice quickly is key to the success of project delivery. Time is money!

So apart from speed – what else are you paying for?

Expertise and Technology

Hiring industry experts is not cheap. Keeping them is not cheap.

Having highly skilled, motivated industry experts is key to adding extra value to any service by being more productive and performing at a higher level, as is technology.

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So, let’s say you go for the cheaper supplier. What’s missing? Why is it so cheap? What are the risks?

For anything at any cost, surely you want the best value you can get? So, what represents value to you?

If it's speed, expertise, security, trust, and the latest technological processes, then don’t go for cheap. Nothing worth paying for ever came cheap!

There will always be someone who will do it cheaper, but with cheap, there is always a risk.
The question is: Can you afford to take that risk?

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