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Paper-Lite am I Right?

| Written by Altlaw

Paper-Lite am I Right?


I think we can all agree. Paper is becoming a thing of the past.

  • With the increase of global climate awareness and a lot of companies becoming ‘paper-lite’
  • With the change of how and where we work
  • With emails and social messaging.

Paper is slowly becoming more and more outdated.

In the legal world, there will always be cases that will need hardcopies produced however, have you found that now since the COVID – 19 pandemic, judges are being more lenient on having electronic bundles?

What about your colleagues working from home, perhaps they need a certain document from a few months ago, maybe a year ago? Files that haven’t been scanned so you must find the file, sifting through where it’s stored, then you must go through the index to find the correct document, scan the document or perhaps the whole file or bundle for future reference. I’m sure whoever had the job of looking for it would much rather have been able to do a quick search on the PC.

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Paper is seeming more and more like a hinderance.

I am quite old school I personally prefer reading a book and turning the pages however I know many people love the kindle as it is more convenient. It makes me wonder if paper will be around at all in the future.

What do you think?

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