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Is Aero better?

| Written by Altlaw

Is Aero better?

is aero better? As we all get used to Relativity’s new interface “Aero”, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on how the people that use Aero every day have found the changes.

One of Altlaws’ top Project Managers, Cassie Parker, has made a list of the 5 features that she has found the most beneficial.

Top 5 Aero features  

• Direct access to the Community
The User menu now has a direct to the Relativity Community page. I jump in and out of the Relativity Community regularly to access various resources, notably the Applications Library and Solutions pages. It’s a simple feature but I must have used it at least a dozen times since our upgrade to Aero

• Viewer shows all Viewer types for a document even when the type is not available
I think being able to see a tab for all the viewer types for a document helps with overall understanding for clients less familiar with the platform. There have been many a time when clients have thought they were in the wrong area of the workspace because the image tab they were expecting to see was not visible because the document had not yet been imaged. Having a tab that says ‘No Image’ not only shows them they are in the right place but it tells them that no image currently exists. The ‘No Image’ tab even goes a step further if clicked by giving an on-the-fly image button. I think it’s a great little way of keeping the process of generating images of documents simple and reduces the confusion that has surrounded it in the past. 

• Orange highlights on tabs as a wayfinder
It is easier on the eye and clearer to see where exactly where you are within the system. Especially when troubleshooting a problem with a client over the phone. When you ask which tab is on and they aren’t sure, now we can simply ask “which tab is highlighted orange?” 

• Field creation – Object Type automatically populated to Document Object   

As a PM we like to work efficiently. Having to repeat processes over and over, and make extra and unnecessary clicks is tiresome. There have been very few occasions when I have had to create a field which is not for the Document object. Those extra mouse clicks all add up when you have half a dozen or more fields to create. It makes complete sense to have the object field populated with Document, with the drop-down still available to select another

• Ability to edit STR terms   

Prior to Aero, editing an STR (Search Term Report) term after it had been added meant having to delete the term and then re-add it as a new entry to the list which made the process pretty tedious. There is now the functionality to select a number of terms and simply edit without having to delete. The edit button opens out into a model listing your selected terms and you have to go ahead a click edit again to make amendments. I would prefer inline editing as opposed to the modal to reduce the number of times having to click the Edit button, but this is still a much-welcomed update!

If you would like to discuss any of the above, or anything else with us today, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Or if you would prefer more reading, we have an excellent blog post on everything you need to know about RelativityOne which is well worth a read.