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How eDiscovery managed services can help you stay safe using AI

| Written by Altlaw

Embracing artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to generating unprecedented efficiencies and managing larger caseloads than ever.

However, AI presents compliance risks to legal workflows if not managed correctly. Partnering with an eDiscovery managed services provider can mitigate these risks, allowing you to lean on the expertise of professionals who use these tools daily.

This blog will explore AI's potential for litigation and how eDiscovery managed services can help you leverage its opportunities safely.


The potential of AI in the legal industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a vital tool for firms to remain competitive and unlock greater opportunities than ever before. AI has the potential to revolutionise various aspects of litigation and is already making its mark on the industry.

From research and document analysis to contract review, leveraging AI can help legal professionals discover new efficiencies and handle larger caseloads easily.

In eDiscovery, AI-powered tools have become integral to legal workflows, allowing firms to work through more electronically stored information (ESI) than ever.

However, as AI continually expands its impact on litigation, it becomes more necessary for legal professionals to understand AI's potential implications and limitations within the legal industry.

Legal professionals must be aware of the risks associated with AI and take the necessary precautions to implement it safely within their processes.


Data security and compliance concerns

Data security is one of the main concerns surrounding AI in the legal industry. AI-powered eDiscovery tools rely on large amounts of data to operate effectively, so protecting sensitive data — especially in the legal sector is essential.

As well as robust security measures, legal professionals must ensure that any AI tools they use comply with relevant regulations. Sensitive information must be protected from unauthorised access or breaches in all stages of eDiscovery, and algorithms and technologies should be compliant to avoid legal or ethical issues.


The role of managed services in AI implementation

Managed services can ensure AI's safe and effective implementation into legal practices. Using managed services allows legal firms to leverage the full capabilities of the latest software by placing their data into the hands of eDiscovery experts.

These providers offer guidance and support on the best tools for each project and how to maintain and manage AI-powered systems.

Their expertise covers how to use these tools effectively, and eDiscovery managed services ensure that any AI-driven processes are delivered safely and compliantly.

By partnering with a managed service provider, your firm can mitigate AI-associated risks and enhance the efficiency of your entire legal workflow.


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Using a managed service is much more than just staying compliant, however. eDiscovery managed service providers can advise on using the right tool for every one of your projects.

With the vast array of data types involved in cases worldwide, choosing the right tool can facilitate huge time savings. Along with the wide range of data types, there are tools to support them. Choosing the AI solution that matches your project is essential so the features and functionalities align with your goals.

These providers will have extensive experience in assessing the reliability and reputation of AI tools, ensuring the chosen technology is trustworthy, secure and compliant.

When choosing your provider, look for those with a proven track record using the best tools and positive customer reviews.


Some top tips for ensuring the safe use of AI

As well as leaning on the expertise of managed service providers to stay safe using eDiscovery tools, there are also some best practices you can adopt to keep your firm on the right side of compliance.

  1. Regularly updating your systems with the latest security patches and software updates.
  2. Implementing strict access controls and authentication methods to prevent unauthorised access to tools and data.
  3. Training and educating legal professionals on AI technology, its limitations and risks.

Adopting these best practices for AI use and trusting an eDiscovery managed service provider will ensure you remain safe while generating unmissable efficiencies for your legal workflow.


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