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Altlaw hosts Hexagon Legal Network event

| Written by Altlaw

In January 2023, we were delighted to host the Hexagon Legal Network (HLN) event at the Old Change Bar and Kitchen in London.

The HLN is a monthly legal networking evening which sees litigation professionals from across the industry come together and discuss the latest processes and trends.

We were thrilled to be given a platform to chat about our services and how Altlaw could help the like-minded individuals in attendance.

What did we discuss?

As part of our talk, we covered a range of topics spanning our area of expertise — eDiscovery.

  • What is eDiscovery? An overview of the management and handling of data, something legal professionals are growing used to doing every day.
  • Where can we use eDiscovery? Mostly, everywhere! When it comes to legal or business use cases, we're usually dealing with pre-trial preparation or DSAR processes.
  • Using eDiscovery processes. We discussed how using Altlaw's eDiscovery processes can save businesses time and money — no matter the size of your project.
  • Our favourite eDiscovery tools. A hard choice... But we went with keyword searching, redaction/auto-redaction and active learning.
  • RelativityOne. We offered an explanation on how combining the cutting-edge tools in RelativityOne with Altlaw's expertise can lead to huge wins for your team.

Missed the event?

Hearing from us about what we do is simple. We can walk you through what services we offer and how they can speed up your review processes, saving you time and money.

We'd love to chat to you about eDiscovery and how to make it work for you. Book a chat with an Altlaw expert at a time that suits you by clicking below.

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