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Managed services client case study





This law firm client had a set of data that was considered to be commercially sensitive to host in a data colocation.  As the end client resided outside of the EU, the decision was taken to implement a system on the law firm's premises.

The client was a mid-tier US law firm with offices in Central London.  Their client had a requirement to keep tight control of the case data but did not have any suitable premises in the UK.

Project methodology

The solution that was settled upon was for Altlaw to provide servers and storage devices to be installed at the London offices of the law firm.  Working in conjunction with the IT team, Altlaw installed a processing and review system behind the law firm’s firewall and created a closed network for the review to be hosted on.  This meant that there was no way to access the system if you were not physically at the Central London law firm's offices.

With the infrastructure established, an Altlaw project manager remained on-site for the data processing and filtering over the course of three weeks.  In total, over 6 million documents were loaded into the system and submitted for filtering.

Once the data was ready for review, two separate teams of investigators were given training and set to their task.  The two review teams were kept physically apart and the review tool ensured digital separation of their workflows and work product.

Altlaw maintained a daily presence on-site until the teams were sufficiently proficient in using the technology and then visited the site on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of the project.

At the conclusion of the project, the hardware was packaged up and sent for long-term storage to the end client, retaining the option of reactivating the project at a later date if required.

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