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  • The risks of compromised data security for businesses 
  • The challenges created by the ‘hybrid’ era of work 
  • The matter of PII 
  • Changes you can make to address common issues in information governance 
  • The importance of a solid data retention policy 

The risks of compromised data security for businesses 

Non-compliance and compromised data security represent some of the most significant long-term risks facing legal teams today. These areas have changed so dramatically that the effective handling of electronically stored information (ESI) is more challenging and more urgent than ever. 

The increase in remote and hybrid working arrangements has created several operational problems, many of which businesses and organisations are still struggling to overcome. 

To make matters worse, regulations around data handling continue to grow more complex. This has resulted in mounting pressure to level up how legal partners manage data for their clients and firms. 

But when faced with the intense daily balancing act of juggling their ongoing commitments, such as managing staff, attracting new clients and ensuring existing ones receive a high level of service, a serious question remains: 

Where can partners find the support they need to reflect on their data practices and work on making them more effective? 

You can find all the answers in this handy guide we’ve created for you.

Knowing the difficulties that partners face, we’ve developed this asset to help you improve your knowledge of data management practices and protect you from security and compliance risks.

Read on to discover more about:

  • The critical data handling challenges facing legal teams today
  • The tools and technologies that can help you address these challenges
  • The strategic practices you can adopt to ensure all private information is handled appropriately — both now and in the future