Forensics Data Collection

Rapid Data Analysis

For a  ‘one-time’, fixed cost,  Altlaw’s Rapid Data Analysis makes use of light metadata scanning to allow you to take a quick and efficient look at your data set, providing you with a faster, leaner, more accurate method of estimating costs and does so in a way that minimises pre-processing costs.

The technology works by indexing the contents of the dataset and extracting file-level metadata such as date, size, file name and owner of each item, but not analysing the text within each file - essentially taking an internal snapshot of the core parts of your dataset. A light metadata scan is many times faster than full text indexing, yet provides enough information to conduct targeted legal hold and collection processes.


By allowing you to quickly establish a clear and accurate estimate of both the potential review time and a prediction of future disclosure costs, your legal team can swiftly assemble a significant part of the information required to submit the Precedent H Costs Budget form, getting you ahead of the curve and allowing you to gain a strategic advantage over the opposition.

  • Ability to form precise eDisclosure data costs within hours of receipt of client data
  • Transparent data processing costs
  • Avoid irrelevant/duplicate data processing
  • Predictable hosting costs
  • Clear and accurate estimate of review time, allowing efficient budget preparation
  • Predictable forward cost management